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  1. Introduction and right to information
    The entrepreneur takes the protection of your privacy and personal data very seriously. Consequently, your personal information (if any have been provided) is kept safely and managed with the utmost care we can make use of.

    1.1. Identity of the entrepreneur
    Behind any possible trademark you might know the entrepreneur by, there is in fact a legally formed entity and the data and information shared by you with such a trademark is data and information shared with and managed by the entrepreneur’s entity which is identified below these lines. You may contact us using the information below if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.

    1.1.1. Identification
    · Name:, which is the trademark for a project fully owned and developed by the company Jorma Projects & Solutions OÜ.
    · Phone number:
    · E-mail:
    · Registry Code from Estonian Chamber of Commerce: 14804417
    · Estonian VAT number: EE102192418

    1.1.2. Physical Address Only for notification purposes
    · Spanish address: Pizarro nº2 C, 2nd floor, Door 6, Radazul, 38109, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Company’s legal address:
    · Estonian address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Sakala tn 7-2, 10141, Estonia.

    1.2. Contact Form
    This is the general contact form that you can use for questions and inquiries concerning your privacy, información and data: The following form

  2. Processing of personal data: The Purpose of processing and consent to the transfer of data.

    2.1. The Purposes of data collection
    In general, we do not collect personal data. You may visit our website/platform anonymously since we ask our partners in analytics, marketing and other similar fields to anonymise our users’ IPs, therefore it is possible to navigate our platform anonymously while we collect useful statistical data which cannot be pointed to any particular person/user. Although not all services can be available without providing some personal data.  

    You would only provide us with some personal data if asked via one of the forms on our platform. Your personal data supplied through registration/purchase/contact/newsletters forms can be collected, evaluated and/or contrasted with your usage of our platform with the following purposes:
    – Providing our services or delivering the products you purchased on our platform. Some of your data is necessary for this, such as your personal address in order to deliver the products you can buy on our store.
    – Support our accounting and legal obligations. Proof of orders and transactions will be accounted for and stored to comply with our legal obligations. This proof can be stored in a different platform or medium other than the entrepreneur’s website.  
    – Improving our platform so it can be used by all users in a better and more intuitive manner.
    – Improving the communication with you (the Users of the Platform) who may be interested in hiring/buying the services/goods offered by the entrepreneur or simply being able to address you if you have tried to reach us by our contact form or any other available within our platform.
    – Offering you special deals, suggestions, products & services via newsletters and/or other methods (social media – facebook, twitter, instagram…) based on your purchase history or the products you have shown interest in (for instance, by clicking on them).

    2.2. Data processing for statistical and segmentation purposes (anonymised data)
    The entrepreneur uses or may use some or part of the data related to the users’ actions on the platform in order to find statistical facts or patterns which may help us to improve our platform, services, and products. As long as it is possible, we will always do this anonymizing the data since we are not interested at all in anything but the statistical behavior of our platform’s users in order to make the website as suitable as possible to them, as well as having a better understanding of our managing and marketing decisions and their effects. 

    We ask all our partners to anonymise your IP so your usage of the platform can be analyzed for statistical purposes without anyone being able to track you down personally neither pointing at you as the user performing a concrete action nor find your exact location. 

    We will inform you any time we detect a breach in our systems that result in your personal information being shared without consent and/or knowledge.

    2.3. Data processing of personal data by the entrepreneur
    Your personal data shall be included in an automated file responsibility of the entrepreneur and used to enable the purchase of products, correct or clean up your data, and to send you Newsletters and other commercial and promotional communications. 

    We also may use the data for retargeting services (send commercial communications). Such commercial communications may contain storage devices or advertising cookies that will be downloaded or stored in your browser.

    Please, note that your personal & payment data will be processed by the so called payment gateway services providers (PGSP), among these companies you can find Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, Adyen, and Mollie. These companies offer the getaway payment services needed for you to place orders on our platform. In this sense, by placing an order, your payment data will be processed by the PGSP and so it will be hosted on its servers following the PGSP’s procedures over which the entrepreneur has no power or say, although we do our best to work only with trustworthy companies. The entrepreneur does not manage nor keep any of your payment information needed to make purchases which is solely managed by the PGSP and so it is the PGSP’s sole responsibility. 

    2.4. Transfer of personal data by the entrepreneur

    2.4.1. Transfer of data to companies, authorities, institutions, and others.
    The entrepreneur will not share/transfer your data to any third-party company/organization except in one of the following cases:
    – In case of legal requirements by authorities. 
    – If agreed by you within the entrepreneur, your data may go to another of our projects in order for you to receive offers & deals related to that mentioned project. In any case, any of these possible projects we refer to would be part of the same company which the trademark you know also is.  
    – In case the entrepreneur (as a company and/or single trademarked project) is being sold, partially or totally, to another company. In this case, all the data we keep might become partially or totally owned by the project’s new owner.

    2.4.2. Transfer of data to countries outside the EU.
    The entrepreneur hosts all the data within the EU scope and will not share/transfer your data to any country outside the EU except in one of the following cases:
    – In case of legal requirements by authorities. 
    – In case the entrepreneur (as a company and/or single project) is being sold, partially or totally, to another company that resides in a country outside the EU. In this case, all the data we keep might become partially or totally owned by the entrepreneur’s new owner.

  3. Information provided by the User and veracity of the data

    The information you (the user/customer) provide in our platform should be trustworthy in order to rightly receive our services and products. It is your responsibility to provide the right info so we can deliver our services and products in a proper manner.

    The entrepreneur is not responsible for errors in our delivered services due to lacking or imprecise information filled by the user.

  4. Right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition

    There are several ways you can manage your personal information shared with the entrepreneur and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition:
    – Within our platform, via the following LINK, you will be capable of viewing, editing and managing all your personal information stored within the platform about you. 
    – You may, at any time, unsubscribe from our newsletter lists, this should automatically delete all your personal information stored within the newsletter system.
    – If you have sent some personal information via email, you can ask us to delete it by sending us a new email to the address indicated in the Article 1 of this Privacy Policy, referring to the subject of the previous email where you provided the personal information.  

    If any of the previously mentioned ways would fail or you simply would like to ensure it worked. You may send us an email at the address stated in the Article 1 of this Privacy Policy. To exercise your rights via email you must provide proof of your identity by sending a photocopy of your I.D. or any other means approved by law which must coincide with the data to be deleted.

  5. Security Measures

    As you may know, there are no impregnable measures within the internet, but we will always do the best we can.

    The entrepreneur makes use of technical tools commonly standardized within the e-commerce industry in order to protect your data such as encrypted (SSL) connections & communications.

    We will comply with secrecy and confidentiality duties as regards the personal data included in the automated file forms.

    5.1. Retention period of personal data
    – Orders and forms: Orders and forms will be deleted from our platform’s server no later than 720 days counting from the creation date. A copy of the orders/withdrawals/guarantee forms and similar documents will be stored outside the platform in order to comply with our legal tax obligations in a secured method outside our website. 
    – Newsletters: If any personal data is provided when subscribing to our newsletter system, this would remain there until you would opt to unsubscribe. If you do, the system will delete all the data attached to the subscribed email address. You may unsubscribe from the list by clicking on the option that appears at the bottom of any of our newsletters’ emails.  
    – Payments: The entrepreneur does not store any personal payment information which can be used to make purchases in your name, but it does store the payment method that was used during the purchase itself, to which everything previously said about orders and forms would apply since it is commonly attached to them. The management of all payment sensitive information corresponds to the PGSP such as Shopify, Paypal, Mollie, and Adyen among others depending on your chosen payment method. These companies are responsible and trustworthy companies which already offer their services to many online stores/apps.

  6. Amendments

    The entrepreneur reserves the right to revise its Privacy Policy at any time. For this reason, we request that you regularly check this privacy statement in order to read the most recent version of the Privacy Policy of the entrepreneur. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on our Terms & Conditions as well as a separate Privacy Policy page on our platform.

  7. Acceptance & Consent

    By using our site and or directly accepting our Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions, you agree with our Privacy Policy.

  8. Complaints

    You may at any time lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority regarding the collection and processing of your personal data. In Spain, you can lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

  9. Others

    This Privacy Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions, Cookies & GDPR Notice, and some other possible legal/informative articles.

    Find here the whole/extracts of our:
    Terms and conditions

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This Privacy Policy was last reviewed on March 3, 2022.